We are experts in the science of sound—engineering flexible space solutions that help control and manage sound between spaces. In order to ensure a favourable acoustic environment we carry out a wide range of measurements and use the knowledge gained from most innovative solutions. Our team will provide you with recommendations for noise and acoustic comfort improvement as well as recommend solutions to improve the situation depending on the type and function.

Our team will:

  • adapt the sound reduction index of the external envelope, correct adjacent noise level, correct spectral sound insulation, correct relative transport noise and measure other variables
  • create a plan with recommendations for improving construction acoustics
  • determine the conformity of structures according to building regulations
  • measure noise and provide recommendations for noise reduction caused by technical equipment (engineering equipment) and for sound insulation
  • provide specific consultations about the management of auditoriums, conference halls, theatres and concert halls



  • Raitis Brencis, RAITIS.BRENCIS@CMB.LV
  • Dainis Krivens, DAINIS.KRIVENS@CMB.LV