We are proud of our long-standing and successful experience in construction supervision services. From 2005 to 2016 we have overseen more than 200 construction objects throughout Latvia. Our construction supervisors are up with the latest changes in legislation and pay particular attention to the desires and requirements of each client.

Professional knowledge of CMB - certified supervisors enable construction supervision services for a variety of buildings, reservoirs, roads, pipelines, water and sewage systems, heating and ventilation systems, cooling and refrigeration systems, natural gas systems in households and technological support.

By choosing us as your service provider you will gain a reliable partner and ensure successful implementation of construction process.

Our team will:

  • develop the construction supervision plan
  • verificate the documentation and conditions necessary to implement construction works
  • represent client rights and interests during the construction process
    prevent violations of construction regulations during the construction process
  • supervise and prevent undesirable deviations from the accepted construction design and technological methods defined in the construction plan as well as other technological methods
  • supervise construction work sequence and compliance to the quality of construction design, work implementation project as well as regulations in the field of construction, work safety, environmental protection and fire safety
  • verificate the compliance certification documents for construction materials used in construction process as well as the conformity of the construction materials used in construction design
  • prepare and submit the necessary documents for the building authority according to special building regulations
  • evaluate the grounds for funding documents submitted by builder.



  • Artūrs Peredistijs, ARTURS.PEREDISTIJS@CMB.LV
  • Māris Briška, MARIS.BRISKA@CMB.LV