Our strength is full attention to detail and a perspective on the big picture. We provide a certified expert-led technical monitoring as well as complete engineering research. We evaluate the construction fixations and visible damage to constructions, materials, engineering systems. CMB team will perform the geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys as well as structural resilience and carrying capacity analysis based on the estimates and in-depth checks. CMB's engineering research will provide you with important information on the actual state of the building and help to plan the building improvement measures.

Our team will:

  • carry out exposure, exploratory trenches, drilling, probe, measurements and photo-fixation
  • use control measurement tools, special non-destructive methods and verify material strength in order to determine precise construction load-bearing capacity
  • carry out mycological testing of samples in order to determine biological damage caused by destructive fungi in bricks or wooden parts
  • monitor crack forming in order to evaluate cracks in the building structures
  • inspect defects and damage of covered constructions for detailed surveys
    carry out control loading
  • determine technical depreciation and compliance of heating equipment with the fire safety regulations

  • Raitis Brencis, RAITIS.BRENCIS@CMB.LV
  • Kristaps Lejiņš, KRISTAPS.LEJINS@CMB.LV