Sustainable use of environmental resources is a significant consideration for development of territories. Therefore by using our know-how and experience as well as the wide network of partners in Latvia and Europe, we offer to develop various solutions for environmental resource protection and use of natural resources.

We will ensure the best interests of balancing the environment and natural resources and an efficient and sustainable use.

We believe that the environment and natural resources are provided for us so that we would not only protect those, but also use them in the most efficient manner.

Our team will:

  • develop solutions for creating and renovating hydrological and meliorational systems - paying particular attention to the development of urban environment and use of blue infrastructure to improve the quality of environment
  • develop projects and plans for sustainable use of protected territories with the involvement of the public and other interested parties in territory development processes
  • prepare the necessary documentation, technical-economic justification and project applications for implementation of specific investment projects
  • develop the necessary construction designs and engineering solutions for implementation of environmental projects.



  • Artis Dzirkalis, ARTIS.DZIRKALIS@CMB.LV