Our expertise will provide a conclusion on technical solutions of building design in accordance with laws and technical regulations, customer preferences and building permits.

Two stages of design expertise:

  • First stage: expertise identifies discrepancies
  • Second stage: expertise to check if all the discrepancies have been eliminated

Common building types for our expertise are industrial buildings, public buildings, office buildings, shopping centres, apartment buildings.

Design stage expertise is mandatory for the third group of construction projects, except for construction demolition projects. We provide certified experts inline the State Construction Control Office requirements. The third group of the building design stage expertise is necessary in order to assess the building plans and ensure compliance with the mechanical strength and stability as well as fire protection, safety and environment accessibility requirements:

  • for the architectural part
  • for the building structures section, including control calculations. We can develop an alternative calculation model
  • for the economical part (compulsory for state and municipal objects)
  • for the survey of fire safety measures as well as other building design sections regarding fire safety solutions
  • for the work organization project
  • for the calculated energy performance evaluation if required by the Law of Energy efficiency Performance of Buildings

CMB engineering office also provides an expertise on optional sections and in‑depth expertise for detailed solutions of a building design.



  • Linda Malvesa, LINDA.MALVESA@CMB.LV
  • Anda Kursiša, ANDA.KURSISA@CMB.LV