Sustainable construction allows to plan building operation in the long term taking into account all lifecycle costs, reducing negative impact on the environment, at the same time ensuring comfortable living conditions on the premises. Sustainable buildings benefit building owners, investors, tenants and users.

We provide consultations for designing new buildings and reconstruction and renovation of existing buildings according to international building certification systems (LEED, BREEAM and others), as well as for the certification of passive buildings. We provide consultations when specific sustainability requirements apply in any project development phase and provide supervision for their implementation.

The solutions of today may become either the opportunities and success or the problems of tomorrow. The choice is ours!

Our team will:

  • certify buildings according to internationally recognized systems (LEED, BREEAM and as certified passive buildings) and provide consultations for building certification
  • apply sustainability and energy efficiency principles in different project phases and provide author supervision for implementation of these principles
  • prepare procurement according to the green procurement principles
  • prepare short-term and long-term sustainable development strategies for a building, groups of buildings or a portfolio and a territory
  • prepare a technical-economical evaluation for separate solutions or the entire building design
  • carry out lifecycle cost calculations
  • choose the most energy efficient solutions for engineering systems and equipment
  • reduce consumption and costs of energy and water



  • Maija Krizmane, MAIJA.KRIZMANE@CMB.LV