Experimental Loading Tests of Structures

Experimental loading tests effectively determine building structural load carrying capacity and are used in situations when it is not possible to identify structural load carrying capacity of buildings in compliance with building regulations and standards by calculations or project documentation is not available.

Loading tests are divided in destructive and nondestructive. The first case determines ultimate limit of load carrying capacity of structures until its complete collapse. The latter identifies operational load carrying capacity of structures.

CMB offers nondestructive loading tests in collaboration with German partners – Institute of Experimental Statics of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

By a nondestructive experimental loading test it is possible to identify load carrying capacity reserves of structures. No permanent damage is caused to the structures during the test and their condition does not deteriorate after the test.

Such approach effectively proves load carrying capacity of historical buildings / structures and those designed based on national standards before adaptation of Eurocodes. Experience shows that results of loading tests are always better than those delivered by a mathematical model.

We offer:

  • load calculation and development of structural calculation model
  • nondestructive experimental loading tests of structures
  • detailed survey of defects and damages in hidden structures
  • determining structural load carrying capacity in compliance with building regulations and Eurocodes
Raitis BrencisBoard Member
Doctor's degree in construction science. Associate Professor at the Latvia University of Agriculture. Certified expert in technical inspection, energy certification of buildings, construction supervision, passive house design.
10 years’ experience in technical survey, expert-examination, crack monitoring and sound insulation measurements of public and residential buildings. Author of scientific publications on acoustic properties of materials.
Artis Dzirkalis
Artis DzirkalisHead of the Board,
Lead Civil Engineer
Artis DzirkalisHead of the Board,
Lead Civil Engineer
Chairman of the Latvian Construction Council. Board Member of the Latvian Civil Engineers’ Union and Association "Passive House Latvija".
Master's degree in civil engineering. 20 years’ experience in construction engineering, expert-examination of buildings, technical survey, project management. Involved in regulatory framework improvement. Conducts trainings on technical inspection, survey of buildings.

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